Quality Control for Construction

Quality assurance is a set of planned and systematic actions to ensure that products and services comply with specified requirements. It not only involves checking the final quality of products to avoid defects, as is the case in quality control, but also checking product quality in a planned way in all the production stages. It is the development of work and product design procedures to prevent errors from occurring in the first place, based on planning backed up by quality manuals and tools.

A project quality plan (PQP), sometimes referred to as a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), is a project-specific plan that describes the activities, standards, tools and processes necessary to achieve quality in the delivery of a project.

Quality Manuals and Quality Plans define the arrangements that an organization has determined will best manage its works. Quality Manuals are generally used to define the arrangements for the whole organization, whereas Quality Plans are prepared to cover specific situations, such as a project or element of the works.

The Corporate Quality Assurance is the representative of the project in the higher management and has the overall responsibility in the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System of the company. The Corporate Quality Assurance reports generally to the company CEO/General Manager, depending on the organization’s structure. The role of a corporate quality assurance:

  1. Responsible in the preparation, implementation and maintenance of company’s QMS
  2. Prepare company’s QA manual, control and supervise all amendments and revisions
  3. Control and distribute all company quality documentation
  4. Monitor all quality related activities at the site
  5. Supervise all internal and external quality audits
  6. Verify site Quality documentation submittals
  7. Attend Client quality management meetings
  8. Prepare and control project quality management plan and documentation prior to project commencement
  9. Review quality inspection personnel qualifications and training requirements
  10. Monitor disposition of all issued NCR
  11. Coordinate all QA/QC activities with Site QC manager
  12. Coordinate all quality related correspondence with the customer’s representatives
  13. Action and close all clients complaints
  14. Control all achieved documentation upon completion of projects.