Elements of a Quality Plan

  1. Project QC Personnel and Organizational Structure
  2. Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority of QC Personnel
  3. Personnel Qualifications
  4. Project Quality Coordination and Communications
  5. Quality Training
  6. Inspections and Tests
  7. Work Task Quality Inspections
  8. Inspection and Test Plan
  9. Qualification of Third Party Inspection/Testing Companies and Subcontractors/Suppliers 
  10. Project Quality Specifications, and Tolerances
  11. Material and Equipment Inspection, Traceability and Quality Controls
  12. Shop Drawings

The Project Quality Plan is prepared based on the project-specific requirements as specified in the contract documents. The objective is to ensure through a process of self-regulation that the construction works comply with the clients’ requirements as detailed in the contract documents. The plan outlines the procedures to be followed during the construction period to attain the specified quality objectives of the project while fully complying with the contractual and regulatory requirements.

Content of a Project Quality Plan

  1. Purpose of the Project
  2. Description of project
  3. Quality control (QC) organization
  4. Qualification of QC staff
  5. Responsibilities of QC personnel
  6. Procedure for submittals
    • Submittals of subcontractor(s)
    • Submittals of shop drawings
    • Submittals of materials
    • Modification request
    • Construction program
  7. Quality control procedure
    • Procurement (direct bought out items)
    • Inspection of site activities (checklists)
    • Inspection and testing procedure for systems
    • Off-site manufacturing, inspection, and testing
    • Procedure for laboratory testing of material
    • Inspection of material received at site
    • Protection of works
    • Material storage and handling
  8. Method statement for various installation activities
  9. Project-specific procedures
  10. Quality control records
  11. Company’s quality manual and procedures
  12. Test and Inspection Plan
  13. Quality updating program
  14. Quality auditing program
  15. Testing, commissioning, and handover
  16. Health, safety, and the environment (HSE)