4.2. Potential Hazards

To ensure all hazards are identified, analyze each step to uncover potential, as well as actual, hazards produced by both work environment and the action. Consider the following:

  • Is there danger of striking against, being struck by, or otherwise making harmful contact with an object?
  • Can the worker be caught in, by, or between objects?
  • Is there potential for a slip or trip?
  • Can the employee fall from one level to another or even on the same level?
  • Can pushing, pulling, lifting, lowering, bending, or twisting cause strain?
  • Is the work environment hazardous to safety or health?
  • Are there concentrations of toxic gas, vapor, fumes, or dust?
  • Are there potential exposures to heat, cold, noise, or ionizing radiation?
  • Are there flammable, explosive, or electrical hazards?