3.4. Worksite Traffic Control

3.4.1.  Devices to Control Traffic

  • Hand held STOP/SLOW Sign
  • Red and Green Flags
  • Devices should be in good clean condition

3.4.2.  The Traffic Controller

  • 30 meters in advance of work area.
  • With good site distance of oncoming traffic.
  • With an escape path in an emergency.
  • Where the other Traffic Controller is visible.
  • Use Two-way Radios for Communication where other Traffic Controller is not visible.
  • Where the Traffic Controller can be seen by the road user.  Be aware of:
    • Sun glare
    • Shade
    • Signs and other objects

3.4.3.  Limitations of a Traffic Controller

  • Should only control traffic with a STOP/SLOW sign or Red and Green flags
  • Has no authority to demand a motorist’s name & address
  • Has no authority to direct traffic through red traffic signals

3.4.4.  Correct Clothing (Traffic Safety Vest)

  • Ensure visibility of the controller
  • Gives authority to controller
  • Reflectorized for visibility at night
  • Wear over wet weather clothing

Vest must be:

  • Worn at all times while working on or near the roadway
  • Properly Fastened
  • Clean and in good condition
  • Display organization identification

3.4.5.  Key Points for the Traffic Controller

  • Be visible to the road user
  • Do not stand on the road until approaching traffic has stopped
  • Do not turn your back to traffic
  • Give clear instructions to road users
  • Watch for drivers who may not obey instructions
  • Be alert and ready for the unexpected
  • Always have a clear escape path