2.7. DO No. 168, Series of 2015

“Guidelines in the Disposal and Management of Spoils and Debris Generated from All Ongoing and Completed Construction and Maintenance Projects and The Imposition of Sanctions for Violations Thereof”

For road safety concerns, no open excavations, nor diggings, nor open holes for scheduled pothole patching, drainage projects, road construction / repair and maintenance works should be left without temporary covers within the day such excavations/diggings are made, i.e. steel plates should be safely placed over excavations/diggings, to provide a smooth, albeit temporary riding surface.

“… Asphalt seals should be immediately applied, likewise within the day, after every rotomilling works. Engineers in charge are directed to plan and program their schedules in order that no open holes/excavations/diggings are left unattended for hours on end.”