2.1. DO No. 10, Series of 1978

“Safety of Personnel and Third Parties, Prevention of Accident Responsibilities”:

In order to prevent accidents and insure the safety and convenience of personnel and third parties the Contractor shall:

  • be solely answerable for the safety, protection and security of his personnel, third parties, the public at large, persons or occupants of adjacent buildings or structures affected or to be affected by reason of his construction works.
  • provide, erect and maintain all necessary barricades, suitable and sufficient warning lights, effective danger signals and other signs,
  • shall take all the ·precautions necessary for the protection of the works and the safety of personnel and the public

Moreover, the contractor, at his own expense must see to it that the following are properly observed:

  1. Roads closed to traffic shall be protected by effective barricades and obstructions shall be properly illuminated at night.
  2. Detours shall be provided with detour signs conspicuous to the motorists and the public.
  3. Excavations, diggings and manholes shall be covered and substituted with pedestrian footpaths made of precast concrete planks and/or bailey bridges, free of spoils or obstruction of any kind and likewise illuminated at night in accordance with existing pertinent ordinances and other regulations.

In the event the Contractor fails to observe the above safeguards, the Government may, at the contractor’s expense, take whatever measure is deemed necessary for its protection, the Contractor’s personnel and third parties, and/or order the interruption of dangerous works.