13.6. Conducting the inspection

Carry-out the inspection according to the written procedure of the Company and aided by the checklist. Best practice, however, suggests the following:

  • planning the inspection route;
  • observing tasks being done;
  • asking questions, making notes;
  • examining equipment, checking maintenance records;
  • checking that work area is tidy and tools have a storage place; and
  • looking for what might not be obvious such as fire doors not opening outward or being blocked.

Note: While checklists are very important, inspectors should be overly dependent on them that they might overlook hazards not covered by the checklist.

Because the purpose is finding opportunities to improve and not finding faults, it is imperative that cooperation of the workers is needed. Inspectors, therefore, need to conduct inspections in a manner that would not threaten workers. Good communication skill is the key.