1.4. Installation

Signs should be placed where drivers can see them and where they will not be obstructed from view by vegetation or parked cars.  They should also:

  • Off the trafficable surface of the roadway
  • Not cause a hazard to traffic
  • Not adversely affect pedestrian traffic
  • Not obscure a driver’s vision
  • Not adversely affect adjacent properties or businesses
  • Not cause confusion or interfere with any other permanent signing – in some situations permanent signs may need to be temporarily removed or covered

Short-term Works

  • Quick & easy to install; Easily handled, transported & stored
  • Provide secure sign attachment; Stable in windy conditions
  • Mounting Height: lower edge of the sign should be a minimum of 200 mm (8”)

Long Term Works

  • Securely mounted on posts so they are not affected by the weather, vandals or traffic
  • Mounting Height (measured from the underside of the sign): 1.5 – 2.2 meters above the level of the roadway for rural or urban areas respectively and minimum of  2m from travelled path.