3. Traffic Management Plan

The Road Works Safety Manual is issued by the DPWH to establish and maintain a standardized system of signing and traffic management for maintenance and construction works on roads within the Philippines. It is being developed for purposes of keeping safe the workers, pedestrian and motorists.

The Agency carrying out construction or maintenance works on roads or bridges has a responsibility for preventing any injury to road users, road workers or other damage.  If works are by contract it is also the Contractor’s responsibility.

Responsibility of Supervisory Personnel

  • Provide safe and convenient traveling conditions for road users.
  • Provide safe working conditions for Personnel and Machinery.
  • Ensure site personnel are aware of their responsibilities.

Responsibility of the Workers

  • To take care for their own safety.
  • To keep a proper look out for danger.
  • To use the equipment provided and to use it for its proper use.
  • To follow the method of work laid down.
  • To obey all lawful instructions.
  • To give proper attention to their work.
  • Wear protective clothing provided for their own safety.