2. DPWH Policies and Issuances

In line with the policy of the Department of ensuring the quality and safety of all infrastructure facilities, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has been developing policies and programs to improve the safety along the national road network of the country.

Safety concerns were most observed on road sections with insufficient road safety devices and when there is an on-going construction.

Two (2) Department Orders were issued to mitigate the possible disruption of traffic flow and inconvenience to the riding public arising from major DPWH infrastructure projects along heavily thoroughfares in Metro Manila. These are:

  1. Department Order No. 81, Series 1996 – Submission of Detailed Traffic Management/Rerouting Plans Prior to Implementation of DPWH Projects within Metro Manila;
  2. Department Order No. 70, Series of 1998 – Traffic Alleviation for Major DPWH Projects along Heavily Travelled Thoroughfares in Metro Manila;

In addition, Department Order No. 56, Series of 2005, requires the Implementing Offices to comply with provisions of Road Works Safety Manual as part of the minimum construction safety and health for each road construction project. However, no policy was issued relative to traffic management for on-going road construction project for heavily travelled road outside Metro Manila. As a result, safety of road-users is at stake.

The Department issued the Road Works Safety Manual on 2004. It was formulated to be utilized by the implementing offices as a guide to ensure safety in the on-going road construction.