Energy Manager Certification Course (EMCC) – July 2024

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July 6-12, 2024

7 days self-paced learning with live sessions via ZOOM on the following dates:

08:00AM – 10:00 NNDay 1
08:00AM – 05:00 PMDay 4
08:00AM – 05:00 PMDay 5
08:00AM – 05:00 PMDay 6
01:00PM – 05:00 PMDay 7

Asynchronous materials access at

Total number of hours dedicated to Energy Manager Certification Course = Approx. 56 hours

Course Description

This 56-hour course is designed to improve knowledge and skills in work activities involving energy management, planning and supporting the implementation of regular energy audits, facilitating compliance with all relevant policies, and operating and maintaining energy-consuming machines and equipment in facilities. Course certificate is a requirement to apply for a Certified Energy Manager qualification with the Department of Energy (DOE).

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the Energy Manager Certification Course (EMCC), participants are able to:

  • manage to put together an energy management plan;
  • lead in implementing energy performance improvement action plans, operational and maintenance controls;
  • supervise the audit activities for energy performance;
  • recommend improvements for the energy performance of designated establishments; and
  • comply the reportorial requirements under RA 11285:2018 (EEC Act) and its IRR.

Who may benefit from the course?

The course is mandatory for individuals who will be assigned by designated establishments to perform the role of an energy manager who needs to be certified by the Department of Energy.

The course is nice-to-have for other members of the energy performance improvement team of designated establishments to gain essential knowledge and significantly contribute to the attainment of the establishment’s energy goals, objectives and targets.

Program with Time Allocation

Day/TimeModule and Session TitlesMode of Delivery
Day 1
0800 – 1200 (4 hours)Preliminaries and Course Orientation Module 1. Introduction to Energy Management  
Session 1. Definitions
Session 2. Importance of Managing Energy
Session 3. Approaches to Managing Energy
Session 4. The Philippine Energy Profile
AM Webinar via ZOOM  
Self Directed (Asynchronous)
(4 hours)Module 1. Industry Rules and Regulations Awareness  
Session 1. RA 11825 and its IRR, Codes and Standards
Session 2. Other Related Issuances
Self Directed (Asynchronous)
Day 2
(6 hours)Module 3. Basics of Energy  
Session 1. Principles of Energy
Session 2. Fundamentals of Electrical Energy
Session 3. Fundamentals of Thermal Energy
  Self Directed (Asynchronous)
(2 hours)Module 4. Energy Management Framework (ISO 50001)  
Session 1. Energy Policy (W1)
Session 2. Energy Committee (Roles and Responsibilities -W2)
Session 3. Planning
Session 4. Competence Awareness and Communication
Session 5. Operation and Control
Session 6. Performance Evaluation
Session 7. Improvement  
Workshop Output: W1 and W2
Self Directed (Asynchronous)
Day 3
(8 hours)Module 5. Energy Review  
Session 1. Understanding Energy Bills
Session 2. Benchmarking
Session 3. Energy Use (When)
Session 4. Understanding Significant Energy Use (Where)
Session 5. Establishing Energy Relationship (CUSUM)  
Workshop Output: W3 and W4
Self Directed (Asynchronous)

Day 4
0800 – 0500   (8 hours)Module 6. O and M Control – Electrical Energy  
Session 1. Building Electrical Supply System and Transformers
Session 2. Motors and Drives, Pumps, Fans and Blowers  

Speakers: Engr. Jay Escorial, REE, CEM, CEA and Engr. Louie Angelo Collera, PEE, CEA
Webinar via ZOOM
Day 5
0800 – 1200 AM (4 hours)Module 6 & 7. O and M Control – Electrical Energy  
Session 3. Lighting Systems
Session 4. Building Control Systems
Session 5. Maintenance of Energy Systems  

Speakers: Engr. Jay Escorial, REE, CEM, CEA
Webinar via ZOOM
0100 – 0500 PM (4 hours)Module 6 & 7. O and M Control – Thermal Energy  
Session 1. Building Envelope
Session 2. Compressed Air System  

Speakers: Engr. Christian Paul Arnado, RME, CEM
Day 6
0800 – 0500   (8 hours)Module 7. O and M Control – Thermal Energy  
Session 3. Boiler and Steam System
Session 4. Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)  

Speaker: Engr. Eugene Isidro Acosta, PME, CEA
  Webinar via ZOOM
Day 7
 (4 hours)Module 8. Performance Evaluation and Improvement  
Session 1. Compliance with Legal and other Requirements
Session 2. Internal Audit (Baseline (EnB) vs Target (EnPI)
Session 3. Management Review
Session 4. Corrective Actions
Session 5. Overview: Energy Audits based on ISO 50002
Session 6. Overview: Measurement and Verification
Self Directed (Asynchronous)
0100 – 0500 PM (4 hours)Course Integration and Ways Forward  PM Webinar via ZOOM

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