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The OSH Training Framework

The main goal of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) is to prevent the occurrence of accidents and illnesses in the workplace. Factors contributing to these accidents and illnesses are health and safety hazards which can be addressed with the guidance of OSH Laws and Standards as well as OSH Fundamentals.

Figure 1. presents that accidents and illnesses are 98 percent preventable (Heinrich, n.d.), potential workplace accidents/illnesses can be avoided through Hazard Identification (Job Hazard Analysis, Safety Inspection, Work Environment Measurement (WEM), Medical screening & surveillance), Risk Assessment, and Risk Control (Elimination, Substitution, Engineering, Administrative, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)—collectively referred to as HIRADC.

If accidents/illnesses do happen (with 2 percent chance), there are means to effectively manage and mitigate its impact. This OSH Course covers topics such as Workplace Emergency Preparedness, Employee Compensation and Accident Investigation and Reporting.

In institutionalizing safe workplace practices and conditions, the abovementioned strategies can be designed into a formal plan of action to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses—the OSH Program. Following the safety and health principles and guidelines found in the program, there will be a significant improvement in the company’s compliance with laws and regulations and reduction of costs, including significant reductions in workers’ compensation premiums.

Figure 1. The OSH training Framework

General Objective

The comprehensive 40-hour course on Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) provides participants a clear and concise explanation of the various responsibilities of a Safety Officer with regards to the OSH Standards and the OSH Law. Participants are able to gain significant learning on the concepts and principle on safety and health to improve their competence to perform as Safety Officers. The program is aimed at equipping participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in keeping the workplace healthful and safe.

Specific Objectives

At the end of this COSH training, participants are able to:

  • discuss the importance of OSH,
  • explain the salient features of the OSH law,
  • enumerate the causes of accidents in the construction job sites,
  • identify hazards, assess risks and recommend control measures,
  • conduct the mandatory OSH orientation for all construction workers, and
  • perform the role of a safety officer.

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Marito Mario Nite Marito Mario Nite
Posted 1 hour ago
very helpful

thank you..Very good

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rudy reck amatos rudy reck amatos
Posted 18 hours ago

i like this course and it is very affordable

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Posted 19 hours ago
All about safety

This learning materials is very useful... I've learned alot of things about my course .thnx J3 training... may God bless u all..

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Tristan Ocampo Tristan Ocampo
Posted 20 hours ago
Great Course

The course is great and the training staff were very kind. Keep up the good work! I hope I can attend more of your training courses.

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Jean Laurice Mantiquilla Jean Laurice Mantiquilla
Posted 1 day ago
Time limit

Great job J3 trainings! I just did not expect that the course is available at specific period (12noon - 10PM). But I learned a lot. Thank you.

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Zhiena Indap Zhiena Indap
Posted 2 days ago

The learning materials are easy to understand and adequate. I especially appreciate how organize the lessons are. It's great that this is a self-directed course. Students can manage their own time and phase.

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Posted 2 days ago

This is my first time taking a course online and I find it very interesting though..the topics were all well explained which are easy to understand.

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Cristine Capadosa Cristine Capadosa
Posted 2 days ago

The lectures were very useful and informative. Thank you so much! 

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Daryl Jhun Aggabao Daryl Jhun Aggabao
Posted 2 days ago

I have learned everything that i want to know regarding the topic (Occupational, Safety and Health) that I can really apply in work. From OSH standards, laws including the fundamentals. With this we can prevent accidents, identify possible hazards. The training materials is very informative,

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Ena francia Elisan Ena francia Elisan
Posted 2 days ago
Effective learning

I like that the training is self-directed, that we can manage our time. For me, teaching ourselves is a better and more effective way of learning. The topics are relevant, well integrated and understandable.

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