Supervising Concrete Works


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Course Description:
A training designed for construction supervisors who are interested in knowing the standard practices in the implementation of concrete works. This seminar was developed to serve as a guide on a project level for target participants with the hope of promoting quality, safety and improving their productivity.

Course Objectives:
At the end of the seminar / workshop the participants are expected to be able to supervise the ff.:

Preparatory work before concreting
Concreting operations

Additional information

Fundamentals of Concrete

4 Topics , 1 Quiz

Physical Properties of Concrete

7 Topics, 1 Quiz

Manufacturing Concrete

10 Topics, 1 Quiz

Rebarworks Materials

3 Topics, 1 Quiz

Rebarworks Fabrication

5 Topics, 1 Quiz

Rebarworks Installation

8 Topics, 1 Quiz

Fundamentals of Formworks

5 Topic

Planning of Formwork

5 Topics

Formworks Construction

6 Topics

Final Exam

70 items