Job Hazard Analysis with Safe Job Procedure Online


Course Description

This eight-hour Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)  course is an advanced OSH training that offers guidelines to help participants conduct job hazard analysis on their own when they go back to their workplaces. The course is essential in OSH management because results will become the basis in establishing safe job procedures and a reference to use in training the workers with the end-in-view of eliminating or reducing risks at an acceptable level.

Target Participants

Safety Officers, Safety Practitioners, Health and Safety Committee Members, supervisors, any person wanting to become Safety Officer, graduates of BOSH and COSH trainings

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the training, participants are able to :

  1. break down processes into steps
  2. identify hazards and hazardous events in every step of the process
  3. write safe job procedure to prevent the hazardous event
  4. perform a complete Job Hazard Analysis

Additional information

1. Review of the Basics

5 Topics, 1 Quiz

2. Prepare to Conduct the JHA

3 Topics, 1 Quiz

3. List the STEPS

3 Topics, 1 Quiz

4. Describe the hazards in each step

4 Topics, 1 Quiz

5. Develop Preventive Measures

5 Topics, 1 Quiz

6. Writing the Safe Job Procedure

2 Topics, 1 Quiz

7. Improve the JHA Process

2 Topics, 1 Quiz