Chemical Safety


Course Description

Chemical Safety is an Advanced OSH course aimed to help employers comply with specific provisions of RA 11058 that require employers to inform workers about the hazards in the workplace and be provided access to training, education and orientation on chemical safety.

The course covers significant properties and characteristics of chemicals that make them potentially hazardous to safety and health as well as their capability to cause major damage to the environment when they are improperly handled. The course also presents a framework in the proper handling of hazardous chemicals and hazardous wastes, including major criteria in developing an effective Chemical Emergency Response Plan and Chemical Spill Response Procedure.

Target Participants

Managers, supervisors and persons involved in the manufacture, use, storage and transport of all kinds of chemicals; Safety Officers; Pollution Control Officers; Operators of vehicles for the bulk transport of chemicals in land and sea routes.

Course Objectives

Upon completing the course, students are able to:

  • Define and discuss chemical properties and their characteristics relative to their potential to cause injury, ill health and damage to the environment;
  • Enumerate the health and environmental effects of hazardous chemicals and hazardous wastes;
  • Discuss the different legal requirements for the safety of workers involved in the manufacture, use, storage and transport of chemicals and hazardous wastes;
  • Enumerate the international multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) on chemicals;
  • Discuss the essential elements of an effective chemical emergency response plan and the technical framework in developing a good chemical spill response procedure.