2.3. DO No. 70, Series of 1998

“Traffic Alleviation for Major DPWH Projects along Heavily Travelled Thoroughfares in Metro Manila”

The DPWH implementing office shall prepare, as part of the detailed engineering for the project, a detailed Traffic Management Plan which shall include the following:

  1. Study on the effects of the project on the flow of traffic during construction.
  2. Proposed implementation schedules and special construction arrangements for the different components of the project

Construction Stage:

The DPWH implementing office concerned shall see to it that the Contractor undertake the following in accordance with the Contract:

  1. Before actual construction, submit to the implementing office his proposed detailed Traffic Operational Program to implement the approved Traffic Management Plan.
  2. Provide all signage and other traffic and safety devices required in the approved Traffic Management Plan.
  3. Assign a full time traffic engineer who will provide proper coordination with the implementing office as well as for close coordination with the MMDA, LGUs, and utility firms concerned; also assign traffic aides to help manage the traffic flow
  4. Implement a traffic monitoring system to monitor the traffic situation
  5. during the morning and afternoon peak times;
  6. when construction activities drastically change; and
  7. when there is an unusual traffic congestion, in which case the Contractor shall inform the MMDA/LGUs concerned accordingly.
  8. Before starting any construction activity, provide briefs, flyers, and other materials for the information of the media and the public, as required in the approved Traffic Management Plan under item II-a above. These materials shall also be distributed to all concerned groups, especially the affected barangay/subdivision associations.