Thor Turrecha

Thor is a leader in digital innovation, with a demonstrated history in experience design for vision AI solutions that bridge digital and physical. He leads a team that “teaches machines to see like humans” – leveraging vision analytics and insights in banking, retail, telco, hospitality, and healthcare markets.

Thor believes that experience is the heart of every innovation. His expertise around artificial intelligence, content strategy and automation, and vision analytics is topped by his forward-looking passion for curating experience through technology.

“In the new age of disruption, speed is our competitive weapon.” Thor has grown and led highly dynamic teams that are driven by velocity without compromising quality. He has pioneered numerous concepts and developed successful products anchored on curated human experiences, delivering with speed without compromising performance.

Current Position : EVP of Global Saas, MeldCX Pty Ltd

meldCX is an affiliated company within the ACER and AOPEN groups – world leaders in hardware, electronics, and cloud-based technologies.