Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Determination of Control (HIRADC)


Overview of the Course

This HIRADC course introduces the participant to the concept and value of risk assessment to help keep the workplace free from accidents, injuries, and ill-health. With an equivalent of 8-hour training credits, this course can help comply with the requirement for a Safety Officer to qualify as Safety Officer 3 based on RA 11058:18.

The course focuses on the process of conducting effective HIRADC – from hazard identification, risk assessment, and determination of controls.


The course is designed to help participants develop the HIRADC of the company and comply with the requirement of the OSH Law. Specifically, at the end of the course, participants shall be able to:

  • gain awareness of risk assessment concept
  • recognize hazards in the work setting
  • conduct risk assessment
  • determine appropriate risk controls


The overall purpose of the risk assessment process is to evaluate the hazards that arise or might arise during the organization’s activities and ensure that the risks to people arising from these hazards are assessed, prioritized, and controlled to eliminate hazards or reduce risks to acceptable levels. Hazards have the potential to cause injury or ill-health. They need to be identified before the risks associated with these hazards can be assessed and, if no controls exist or existing controls are inadequate, effective controls should be implemented according to the hierarchy of controls.